About Us

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S Bar C Catering is based out of Round Rock, Texas. I am proud to serve food that represents the way Texas lives. This means we strive to deliver high quality food, locally sourced whenever possible, and always with a heaping helping of hospitality. Texans don't eat just to live, a meal is chance to share with friends and family. We share our culture and our pride with every event we serve.

S Bar C Ranchstyle Catering specializes in Texas comfort food like Barbeque, Fajitas, Tex-Mex, and Fried Turkeys. Texas food celebrates a blend of cowboy heritage, spiced with the flavors of Mexico and brightened with a flare of cajun influence. Some fancy food types might call this a "fusion", but around here, its just what you are likely to find at a friend's house on any Saturday afternoon.

We are at our best when the food is served up buffet style, just like a neighborhood barbeque, or family-style, like Sunday dinner.

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